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Baby Sense

Kids Yoga

Why should our children practice yoga?
Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Yoga builds strength, confidence and resilience, and a strong body is able to digest food well, breathe better and withstand stress. It can improve school performance and also helps with development as they head into adolescence.    Join us at Happy Buddha for one of our yoga classes designed specifically for youth. 


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Kid's Yoga 
Tuesdays 4:15-5pm @HBY North
Wednesdays 4:15-5pm @HBY West

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 A class for kids grades 3-6. Using the lessons and insights yoga provides us we will create a SAFE, fun, supportive & loving environment for children to learn and grow. We will explore certain aspects of yogic methods such as the power of our breath and positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation, body awareness and voice empowerment. Children will walk away with various “tools” & practices to help them navigate the many struggles of adolescence.
Benefits include: acquiring relaxation skills & coping mechanisms, increased self-confidence, reduced feelings of anxiety, worry and stress, as well as an increased connection with themselves and their surroundings-- overall developing more balanced, healthy, compassionate and peaceful young people!

Yoga for Young Athletes
Monday 4:15-5pm @ HBY West 

Have a young athlete at home? Looking to improve their flexibility, strength, and focus to improve their athletic ability? This class is perfect for them!
We will use Yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques to eliminate those pregame jitters, and of course helping them play better! Bring your little athlete every week to help them take care of their bodies and minds- on and off the court. For young athletes grades 3-6.

Teen Time
Beginning in July, Saturdays 10:30 pm @HBY West * By Donation Only

 An offering for ages 11-15 and a chance to start the week off right! Adolescence is a major transition period from childhood to adulthood and is the time in our lives where we are most prone to developing feelings of depression and anxiety, overwhelming stress, insecurity and confusion. Yoga provides countless lessons and insights that can act as a road map for children through challenging times of growth and change. We will explore and embrace our bodies and minds through mindfulness, movement, breathing, positive thinking/affirmations, meditation and voice empowerment.


Happy Buddha Babies
Tuesdays (6-12 Months) 11:15-12noon @HBY North
Wednesdays (12-24 Months) 11:15am-12noon@HBY West
Thursday (0-6months) 11:15-12noon @HBYN

This weekly yoga class is for anyone who is looking for a healthy, playful bonding activity to do with a special baby in their life. We will do some gentle movement and modify traditional yoga postures to work on physical, emotional and mental well-being for both baby and mom or dad. Open but not limited to-- any parent, grandparent, role model, or sibling looking to strengthen their relationship with any special infant in their life. We will create a safe & welcoming environment where your baby's comfort is our first priority. Room for crying or screaming babies, diaper changes or feeding. All needs are welcomed and encouraged to be taken care of. Open but not limited to-- any parent, grandparent, role model, or sibling looking to strengthen their relationship with any special infant in their life. Lets work together to create a healthier, happier, more peaceful future for our children!

Baby Sense with Pediatric Physical Therapist Susan Swiat
Fridays 11:15am-12noon 

A class for new moms and their babies, ages 0-6 months. Led by a pediatric physical therapist, come and share a special time with your baby. Meet other new parents while we develop baby’s skills in all areas through music, movement and play activities. Have questions such as these answered:
•How can I help my fussy baby learn to calm himself?
•How can I use touch to create a special bond with my baby?
•How do I know when my baby is ready to play with me?
•How can I help my baby enjoy tummytime?
•Is my baby meeting their milestones on time?
•What toys are best for my baby?
•What kinds of activities can I do to stimulate my baby’s growth and development in all areas?

In addition to our weekly offerings, Happy Buddha is proud to present many youth yoga workshops and youth yoga camps. To find out more, click here to go to our workshops page. 

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Want updated information about all of our youth programs? We keep an email list specifically for the parents of our little yogis. If you would like to be kept up to date on offerings and classes specific to children, infants and teens click here to join our Facebook group and then send us a private message with your email.