We are relocating!

Dear Yoga Family,

I'm excited to officially share some big news: we are relocating! 

We are leaving our Happy Buddha North studio and moving all of our classes to our Happy Buddha West location on West Main Street in Goshen.

We have LOVED our time at Happy Buddha North but have decided not to renew our lease and to move all of our offerings to our West Main Street location.

Please join us in celebrating this time of transition for our sweet community. This decision was based on our enduring goal to provide an outstanding experience for you.

Expect the same robust and well-rounded class schedule of weekly classes, the same dependability, the same exceptional teachers and even more workshops in the year ahead.


  • Conveniently located on West Main Street in Goshen

  • A larger, cleaner practice space = more room between mats and much more wall space!

  • Central air conditioning and newly refinished wood floors

  • A spacious rear entryway lobby for coats, shoes, tea, and conversations

  • More retail products

  • Upgraded changing facilities/cubbies

  • This location is super sweet, close to Café Yen and Bliss Boutique and more

  • And yes, there is ample parking available! There is a municipal lot right across the street (behind Elsie's) as well as plenty of on street parking.

> Sunday morning at 10:30 AM, Oct 28th: last class in our Happy Buddha North location 
> Monday morning at 5:30 AM, Oct 29th: full class schedule resumes at Happy Buddha West location.

Our schedule is changing VERY SLIGHTLY and there will be almost no disruption of classes during our move. 

Your support and enthusiasm will be a blessing as we begin nesting and settling into our new home. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me and share ideas. In the meantime, if you have not already, please come on down to our West Main Street location and check it out, it is wonderful!

Look for our updated schedule as the transition draws near. Looking forward to embarking on this next Happy Buddha chapter together ~ and, as always, I am sincerely appreciative to each of you!
Charleen Predmore, Owner

You are Home

Yoga is about union and connection, and when you visit our home, you can expect just that: union with your most authentic self and connection with a great community of like-minded people. We hope you come and experience peace and improved health here in our happy studios. Until late October, we have two locations in downtown Goshen within easy walking distance of each other and many local shops and cafes. Please note which location the class you choose is in on the schedule:

HBY North—2 North Church St, Goshen, NY 10924

HBY West—119 West Main St, Goshen, NY 10924

 Our spacious new home!

Our spacious new home!


Ready to change your life? Teacher Training begins in January

2019 Teacher Training begins on January 18th! Whether you are an aspiring teacher or simply eager to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga, Happy Buddha’s 200 hour program is the place to start. You might even be certified to teach already, but simply want to brush up on some things and delve a little deeper on the second go-round! This is a life-changing, mind-opening journey that will surely open up new doors for you. We will dig deep into the timeless philosophy of the Yoga Sutras, discover how the practice relates to our daily lives, and deepen our physical practice in a meaningful way.

Contact us today (charleenp@yahoo.com) for more information.


Meet Zach Shortway


Zach Shortway

Zach developed a deep love for nature, mountains, health and outdoor activity at an early age. These passions led him to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he has spent the past eight year. While in Colorado, Zach fell in love with the methodology of Baptiste Yoga. He teaches a class inspired by Baron Baptiste's Journey into Power. Zach brings daily powerful intentions and physical focuses to a challenging asana practice. Zach has completed his 200 hour RYT certification. 

Zach is teaching our Thursday evening Intermediate 7:00 PM class, check him out this week!

Core Works with Ashley Scott

Ashley New Teacher 7.2018.jpg

Core Works: Saturday mornings at 10:30 at Happy Buddha North. The core is the center of our strength and balance in the human body. A strong core keeps us resilient and prevents us from common injuries. If our center is strong then our backs will also be strong which can slowly become weak as we age. When we fire up the muscles in our stomach, it also helps our digestive system and sending blood out to the rest of our body. In this 1hr 15minute minute class Ashley will incorporate strong asana with core work. Anyone at any age or gender can benefit from it because who doesn't want improved posture, improved balance, less back pain and safer everyday movement?

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Community Involvement

Happy Buddha Yoga is committed to the yoga community and beyond. We are proud to support many area charities and organizations.

 Hambletonian Marathon

Hambletonian Marathon

 Luke Lives On 5k

Luke Lives On 5k

 Sweitzer Cup

Sweitzer Cup