Do I have to pre-register for classes?

No pre-registration is necessary for any class. They’re all on a drop-in basis. However, if you would like to register, the best option is the Mind body app. If you’re new to the studio, come at least 10 minutes early to sign in and get all the new student stuff out of the way.

I forgot my mat. Do you have a mat I can borrow?

Absolutely! You can borrow a mat for free at the studio, just make sure to wipe it down when you’re done. We also sell mats, in case you want to buy your own.

What do I wear?

You can wear anything you’d normally wear to a gym.  Leggings, shorts or any comfortable pants with a t-shirt is just fine.  We practice barefoot so no special footwear is necessary.

I have never done yoga before.  What classes are appropriate to for me to take?

If we are running a basic beginner workshop, that is the best place to start.  Otherwise feel free to check out our Monday night beginner’s class or one of our gentle offerings. Our daily Mediation and Movement class is also a great option. Just be sure to sign up for that particular class the night before.

Where can I park where I won’t get a ticket?

There’s metered parking in front of the studio and on many of the surrounding side streets. If there are no spots there, check out the municipal parking lot behind Elsie’s dinner.

Oh no! I’m late for class…now what??

We totally understand that stuff happens…you get stuck behind a school bus, big long line at Starbucks…you get the picture. Just come in quietly and have a seat on the bench until the teacher can make a place for you. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, maybe think about coming to the next class.

What’s a card and how many classes do I have left on it anyway?

You can purchase multiple classes at a discount. Be sure to note the expiration date of your class card. If we have your email address, you’ll get a notification when your card is near expiration or low on classes. You can also create an account online and keep track of things.