Single Class/Drop In – $17
5 Class Card – $65 (2 month expiration)
10 Class Card – $120 (3 month expiration)
Monthly Unlimited – $140
Automatic Renewal Monthly Membership – $108 per month
Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga (45 minute classes) – $10
New Student Special — 3 Classes for $30
Senior and Military discounts are available!


Level 1 Basics!

Join us for this simple but engaging class on Monday evenings. Recommended for first timers or those who haven’t hit the mat in a while. Breathing and centering followed by a flow of basic postures with loads of alignment cues, modified when necessary and, as always, finishing with a deep relaxation.

Level 1-2 Flow

This is the next step up from Basic Level 1.  Beginners welcome and plenty of variations and challenges for the more experienced student.

Level 2

An all-levels vinyasa (flowing) class consisting of creative sun salutation variations, standing and seated postures, all linked by the breath. Stretch, open, and strengthen while you detox your mind, body and soul!

Level 2-3

An intermediate level yoga class. Challenging sun salutation variations along with balance postures, fun inversions, and a wide range of standing and seated poses. Previous yoga experience is necessary.

Buddha Rocks

Let your hair down and get your groove on with our hard rockin’ Monday class. A universal/bodacious level vinyasa class set to all your favorite rock tunes. A different artist featured every week…sometimes classic rock, sometimes current stuff, but always wild and fun! Be prepared for sudden outbreaks of laughter and spontaneous group sing-a-longs! (Level 2/3)

Sunday Evening YIN

Yin yoga works deeply into the body by targeting the connective tissues such as ligaments, joints, 15 bones and fascia. A yin practice is most beneficial when the body is cool or not warmed up in order to access the deeper tissues instead of relying on the muscles. Unlike the more traditionally known Yang asanas (poses), Yin postures are held for one to five minutes allowing the body to soften into the pose creating space in the body. Props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps may be used to help the individual settle into a pose. Because asanas are held for an extended period of time, the mind will ultimately be challenged as well. Since this practice focuses on listening to your body, it’s ideal for all body types and individuals new or returning to the mat.

Gentle Yoga

A great class for people who can’t do all the chaturangas, jump backs, and vinyasa that we normally do. This 45 minute class is suitable for everyone, including older yogis, yogis with chronic pain, and yogis recovering from injuries. Also good for people who just want to relax!

Finding the Balance

Join us on Thursday evening for core work, strengthening, stretching and learning to find balance on the mat. Perfect for the busy, the athletes and those who are looking to incorporate yoga into their weekly training routine.  For all levels.

Yoga for Everybody

Sunday mornings. Pay what you can. We want to make yoga accessible and available for everyone!


A one hour class offered on Tuesdays at lunchtime, flow at a comfortable pace as you de-stress, find focus, build strength and increase flexibility.

Infant and Parent Yoga

This weekly yoga class is for anyone who is looking for a healthy, playful bonding activity to do with a new baby. We will modify traditional yoga postures to hold and rock your child while working on physical, emotional and mental well being for both baby and mom or dad.


Every Thursday, for tweens and teens ages 11-15. Adolescence is a major transition period from childhood to adulthood and is the time in our lives where we are most prone to developing feelings of depression & anxiety, overwhelming stress, insecurity and confusion. Yoga provides countless lessons and insights that can act as a road map for children through challenging times of growth and change. We will explore and embrace our bodies & minds through mindfulness, movement, breathing, positive thinking/affirmations, meditation & voice empowerment.

Blissful Buddha/Restorative

Muscles relax, breath deepens.  Mind clears.  Heart melts. Restorative yoga is a compassionate and nurturing practice.  Appropriate for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike,  this class involves being physically supported by a combination of bolsters, blankets and blocks, all props carefully placed to maximize comfort and relaxation.  Aromatherapy and carefully selected music round out this transformative experience.

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery was created as a holistic model to address the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction. Informed by the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing, Y12SR “connects the dots” by combining the somatic approach of yoga with the cognitive approach of the 12-step recovery model – the most well-known addiction recovery program in the world, with millions of active practitioners. Y12SR is not meant to be a replacement for 12 step meetings, but rather an adjunct.

Mindful Buddha: Meditation and Movement

A unique combination of meditation, philosophy, breathing techniques, gentle yoga and restorative poses. Also, a creative use of mantras, mudras, and imagery will help you connect to your higher self and release any anxiety, sadness, fear or tensions. Your body and mind will feel rested and ready. This is a donation only class.

Slow and Steady  

A Level 2 Vinyasa offering on Thursday mornings. This slow vinyasa class is the perfect balance of strengthening, stretching, and breath awareness.  The slower movements allow for the students to develop a better mind and body connection, help discover their limitations and how to move past them.  Holding the poses for longer lengths of time helps build muscle memory, allows the students to refine their alignment and to bring their minds to the present moment.  It is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation.  Some yoga experience is suggested.

Buddha Replenish Level 1

Suitable for all experience levels to relieve stress. We begin with gentle movement focused on creating space in body and mind and end with soothing restorative poses that will leave you feeling replenished.


A class for kids ages 6-11. Using the lessons and insights yoga provides us we will create a SAFE, fun, supportive & loving environment for children to learn and grow. We will explore certain aspects of yogic methods such as the power of our breath and positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation, body awareness and voice empowerment. Children will walk away with various “tools” & practices to help them navigate the many struggles of adolescence.

Benefits include: acquiring relaxation skills & coping mechanisms, increased self-confidence, reduced feelings of anxiety, worry and stress, as well as an increased connection with themselves and their surroundings– overall developing more balanced, healthy, compassionate and peaceful young people!!

Level 1 Buddha Chills  

Level 1 slow flow and Restorative.   Join us for a mellow class that incorporates some languid and juicy vinyasa along with Restorative Yoga.  What could be more perfect?

Monday morning Rise and Shine Level 1-2

Set the precedent for a fabulous week through this energizing and powerful Monday morning vinyasa class. This class will emphasize strength, movement, breath and alignment.
PLEASE NOTE: class will only be held when four people preregister; we ask that you sign up the night before, either through mindbody or you can email Janet at

You can e-mail ( or call t (845) 313-0712  if you have any questions or want more info about a class. We love to hear from our students!