Asana and Art: A Figure Drawing & Yoga Workshop with Katy Melendez

We will start with a ½ hour of gentle movement, breathwork and get ourselves centered. From there Katy will give brief set of directions to begin the first set of drawings. First we will do ten 1 minute sketches, then two 5 minutes, one 10 minute, and the last will be 15-20 min drawing.. The quick one minutes will be standing poses.  For example; warrior 1,2, peaceful warrior, trikonasana, tadasana, etc. The 5,10, and 20 minute poses will be seated poses. Katy will be giving tips for looking at things differently.  She will guide you thru this special practice. Everyone will get an opportunity to be the model—IF YOU WANT. ( If not do not worry.) We will end with tea, and a walk around to see each others work. 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED:  recommended that you bring your own sketch pad and preferred dry medium (pencils, markers, crayons, charcoal). 

Workshop=$25. To register, click HERE and go to our workshops page.

Artwork by Katy Melendez

Artwork by Katy Melendez