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Cacao Ceremony and Sound Meditations with Annie Palmer

  • Happy Buddha Yoga 119 West Main Street Goshen, NY, 10924 (map)
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No two Cacao Ceremonies are alike!  Please come with an open heart and mind.  Cacao consumption is not required for participation.

Cacao has been considered a sacred plant for thousands of years.  It is known to carry a medicinal healing spirit for the heart.  This healing spirit of Cacao strengthens our connection with the wisdom of the heart, the truth and peace within, and our connection to others.  In the Mayan Cosmology, Cacao is revered as one of the most powerful deities.  She takes us on a journey toward our inner-most self where wisdom and love are held.

 Ceremonial Cacao is not the same as the chocolate we’re accustomed to eating!  While chocolate can give us that feel good effect, the medicinal properties have been stripped away by processing.  Additionally, milk is often added to the chocolate.  Milk and soy interfere with the medicinal effect of the cacao.

 The Cacao Ceremony is used to help us connect with the beauty, sweetness and love within.  We are invited to open the doorway of the heart, and only our willingness is needed to cross the threshold to a heart healing, heart opening experience of love and bliss.

 Your journey with Cacao will be supported by crystal singing bowl sound meditations and other vibrational medicine instruments.  Come listen to the voice of your heart, journey with us in love and light.  Introduce yourself to the Cacao Goddess and partake with us in the “food of the gods.”  

 Pre-ceremony considerations:

-Be on time, which means arriving 15 minutes prior to starting time.

-Bring a bottle of drinking water and items needed for comfortably sitting and resting on the floor.

-You are welcomed to bring an item to rest on the altar during the ceremony.  This could include a photo, a crystal, or small item that represents someone or something important to you. 

-Eat only lightly before the ceremony, avoiding dairy, soy, all stimulants and alcohol.

Workshop = $40. Click here to register.

***IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Ceremonial Cacao is not for everyone as there are contraindications. They include Pregnancy, Heart Disease including High Blood Pressure, and use of Antidepressants such as SSRI or MAOI.

For more information about Cacao, including contraindications, please visit Annie’s website:

 Annie Palmer is a certified Sound Therapist using both Voice Analysis and Sounds for Wellness.  Crystal Singing Bowls and other vibrational instruments are a means of administering sound frequencies to balance and restore the energies of the body.  Also using the heart centered ritual of Cacao Ceremony, she offers a warm and beautiful process for moving into the healing frequencies of love and spiritual awakening.  Annie has received initiation for Cacao Ceremony, Despacho Ceremony, and Limpia Water Ceremony.   Her apprenticeship is with Deborah Kehoe, a Sound healer and Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, Qoya teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, Drum Circle and Healing Rhythms facilitator.  Deborah is certified in all mentioned modalities with more than 20 years of experience and is currently pursuing her Masters in Holistic Healing.