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The Kinetic Core Canister: Lecture and Lab With Diana Zotos

  • Happy Buddha Yoga 119 West Main Street Goshen, NY, 10924 (map)

Brought to you by Diana of Threes Physiyoga Method™


Kinetic Core Canister: Release your beliefs of what the core is and how to use it. Learn the basics of the kinetic core, what it is composed of, influenced by, and how to use it.  Harnessing the subtle control or the strong power of the core can be very simple or very complex.  Injury, beliefs, emotion, breathing, history and alignment can all alter the function of the kinetic core canister.   We will start by delving into the components of the kinetic core: the glottis, respiratory diaphragm, trunk muscles, pelvic floor and big toe knuckle.  Then we will review its multitude of functionality.  We will investigate how the kinetic core can become sub-optimal, learning how to assess it.  Finally we will use TPM restoration tools to achieve your best “optimal” functioning kinetic core canister, from isolated work to integrated functional movement patterns.  All of this, in easy to follow and relatable themes.

*Learn the core anatomy * Understand the core functions

*Assess core engagement and strategies, differentiating oblique grippers from back and butt grippers*Re-educate and release to rewire the core *Strengthen and move in functional patterns with appropriate core work

Workshop = $60. Click here to register and go to our workshops page.