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Raveling Unraveling and Your Hips and Twists: Resistance Bands and Yoga Workshop

  • Happy Buddha Yoga 119 West Main Street Goshen, NY, 10924 (map)

Brought to you by Guilia of Threes Physiyoga Method™

Raveling Unraveling.jpg

Hips & Twists: Many of us have or may experience lower back, sacral, or hip joint pain during the course of our lives or in and with our movement practices. In the yoga practice with all of our forward bending, lunging, twisting, and “hip opening”, the risk of something running awry with how we are practicing and causing pain in these areas is quite common. This class will help you understand how to find YOUR neutral pelvis and femur (or thigh bone) centered within its socket and how to strengthen the areas around the hip joint to create more stability with mobility around the pelvis. We will dive into discussions of allowing the pelvis to twist or not in twisting postures, and the benefits of both. Using the bands, we will access our super-important hip joint rotator cuff, core twisting muscles, and powerful glutes. These concepts allow optimal stability and control through the vast ranges of motion that can occur within the hip and pelvis.

In these workshops, you will learn how to use and move your body differently and more efficiently IMMEDIATELY.

• Each class will start with a brief explanation of the concepts we will explore through practice. We will start slow, and build upon a foundation of optimal movement patterns and awareness.

• Expect to wear therabands for all poses in the movement sequences and connect with your body somatically to harness control of your movements and learn about your limits.

• We will use the bands as accommodating lines of resistance against which to generate force for creating tensile strength and stability with mobility.

Workshop = $45. Click here to register and go to our workshops page.