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  • Happy Buddha Yoga 119 West Main Street Goshen, NY, 10924 (map)
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This traditional Ashtanga style led class is all about surrender and BREATH, the original power yoga. We forego music during our practice to let our ujjayai breath guide us through a systematic set of movements that build heat and a detoxifying sweat. The primary sequence, universal to all ashtanga practitioners forever you to let go of the ego and attachment, bringing you more self awareness, resolve, and focus. A beautifully challenging and rewarding practice that is made to be familiarized and help one grow everyday through dedication. This is a humbling practice that offers a balanced sequence to face yourself and improve on each day. Once you learn the sequence, you will be an unstoppable heath ninja with a practice you can take with you anywhere anytime! (“Cultivate your mental toughness warrior”)

Ashtanga class=$18 Click here to register and go to our workshops page.

About Crista OBrien: Yoga has deeply impacted my life In so many positive ways. Yoga cameras into my life (for a reason I believe like everything else) and easily became one of my best friends. Practicing has slowed me down and helped me to become much more mindful in everyday life, giving me gratitude and happiness for each day. Practice has also strengthened my mind and empowered my spirit which I am so grateful for. It has helped me time and time again through injuries and other bumps in the road. I thank yoga for always being that friend you can call on!