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  • Happy Buddha West 119 West Main Street Goshen, NY, 10924 (map)
Friday night with Brian Thomasberger.jpg

Come on out, Friday, May 18 for a guided breath, and meditation workshop. Pranayama (Breath-work) is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.  There are many styles of pranayama, and each brings the body and mind specific benefits. We will explore several styles or pranayama, to bring you into a relaxed, and renewed state of mind.

We have all heard the phenomenal rewards of a meditation practice, and when we mix breath-work and meditation, the results are outstanding! Brian will share several guided styles of meditation, such as Developing your Witness, Awakening the Shushumna (the main Nadi, or line of energy), and 61 Point Relaxation, for you to ease on into your weekend! So, come on out, and treat yourself to a new state of being!

Workshop = $25. Click here to register and go to our workshops page.