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“Practice in Perception” Illustrated and Instructed by Marina Caceres

In this workshop Marina illustrates the web of connection between asana, the physical practice of yoga, to the off the mat practice, sadhana, through the power of perception. Yoga has two limbs of eight known as the yamas and the niyamas.
Who: All levels- Open Practice
When: Friday April 6th From 6pm-8pm
Where: Happy Buddha Yoga
What You’ll Need: Yourself, a Notebook and a Pen.

Practice in Perception.jpg

There will be a one hour and 15 min from 6-7:15pm class including postures that are directly correlated to body areas such as shoulders and hips where mobility is hindered due to tension acquired from stressors and stationary movements. From 7:15-8pm will be open dialogue and self-inquisition around how our perception affects every part of our lives on and off of the mat. The power of perception is a choice that is made around every action and reaction to the world around us. Perception can often be driven emotionally, however; with a powerful practice, perceptions with fundamentally negative outlooks can be shifted. Here we offer language and identity of this vast topic through exploration of the yamas or ethical disciplines and niyamas or individual disciplines. Most importantly we will have fun in taking the sweetest approach in understanding our great wild minds and bodies. 

Workshop = $35 To register, click  HERE and go to our workshops page.