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Winter Renew and Recharge with Riley

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Recovery has been built into our yoga practice since the beginning of time (traditions such as savasana). We live in a fast paced world that encourages busyness and seldom stresses self-care or stillness. Join Riley for a candlelit workshop of turning inward, making peace and coming home to your body as it is in this exact moment.
We will begin to wash away the outside world with some gentle movement and optional aromatherapy. Moving through a restorative yoga practice (said to be one of the most therapeutic yoga practices, using props to support the body and mind with comfort and ease in order to encourage health and healing.)
We will focus on encouraging feelings of safety, comfort, ease and recovery after those long harsh winter months- clearing out emotional and mental sludge to make space. Ending with Yoga Nidra practice and a writing reflection. 
Workshop = 35 To register, click  HERE and go to our workshops page.