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Upside Down Everything! with Kelly Kamm

Kelly inversions.jpg

Whether you love it or you want to run out of the room when the teacher says "handstand"... this workshop is for you! We'll cover step by step practices that break down advanced and inverted poses of all sorts. Learn how to lessen fear (both yours and that of your students) and approach challenging poses with respect and lightheartedness. We'll go over the basics, of course, like headstand, handstand, shoulder stand and forearm stand. Learn how to prepare for it and prop it, every which way. Add that a sprinkle of wild stuff (upside down backbends and things you've probably only seen in a book or on instagram!) just for fun, and you've got one heck of an awesome day!  Workshop = $100. This program is part of the 300 advanced teacher training program, but is open to all. Click here to register and go to our workshops page.